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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many days in advance do I need to place my order?
    We ask that you place your order at least 3 days in advance for a custom board or grazing table. Other orders can be fulfilled within 24 hours depending on availabilty. Please inquire within.
  • Is there a cancellation policy?
    We understand things happen and an order may need to be cancelled. Our cancellation policy is: 3+ days before your delivery date you will recieve a full refund. 2 days before your delivery date, you will recieve a 50% refund. The day-of or day-before your scheduled delivery, you will not recieve a refund. We only deliver to Dallas area cities. If you have an event need outside of DFW please inquire within for availability and pricing.
  • Is there a delivery fee?
    Yes, a $10.00 delivery fee applies if you order outside of a 5-mile radius of Grazing Dallas. If you are within a 5-mile radius, you will recieve free delivery.
  • Should I keep my board refrigerated?
    If you don't plan on eating it right away, yes! For boards with soft cheeses you should bring it out at least 30 minutes in advance to bring to room temperature prior to enjoying.
  • Can I order on the same day I need it delivered?
    You can absolutely reach out to us and we can try to accommodate you but there's no guarantee. There may also be a fee for a rush delivery depending on what you may need. We will do our best to try and schedule you in, availabilty permitting.
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